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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tracking the No Shark Fin Progress on Hawai'i Island

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The Initial Letter -
I read your good letter on "sustainability". But did you
realize your Hilton Waikoloa Village [Hawaii]has shark fin
as a food item on its menu? Cutting fins off and dumping
live sharks is horrible and is depleting our oceans of these
vital predators. This menu info is going out world-wide on
the internet and will turn people off Hilton Hotels. Please
tell me you are ending it! thank you!.

The Response -
Thank you for contacting the Hilton Internet Contact
Center. It is my pleasure to assist you today with your
We are terribly sorry for what you saw on the internet
regarding shark fins served at the Waikoloa
Village and have taken the liberty of forwarding your
email to the Guest Relations department at the Hilton
Corporate office for further review and follow up.

1 comment:

footesea said...

I would like to share the comment I sent in via the web contact form on 6/13:

"I was dismayed to see that your restaurant Kirin serves shark fin soup. Please reconsider this practice and be aware that it is a strike against your green policy in many visitors' and locals' eyes. More and more travelers are increasingly informed about sustainability issues these days, and are able to recognize unsustainable (and unethical) practices such as shark finning; this will affect their impression of your overall operation."