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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All the Colors of the Rainbow in Kahana Stream

"I wish I knew what it was. I doesn't look like any natural phenomenon I am familiar with, but then I don't know all the natural wonders Maui can offer, ( I saw my first pink snails the other day!) .pH was in normal range, there was some slight specific conductance reading indicating some dissolved solids, It does not smell like volatile organics ..."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Need more Hawksbill Help!

Aloha Turtlers,

I’m very glad to announce that all of our Kealia and Kawililipoa (that was relocated from Kealia) nests have been very successful this season, yielding heaps of hawksbill hatchlings! This is extremely good news for the hawksbill species, and those of us who enjoy seeing and helping hatchlings make it to the sea safely. We only have one nest left before the season is pau, so this is your last chance to join in the nest watch fun until next year.

We’ll be starting to camp at this sixth and last nest at Kealia this Wed, Nov 3rd through Nov 12th (at the latest, depending on emergences). If you’re interested in day or night watches, please respond with your availabilities to Angie. We’ll send more information then.