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Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to Contribute to Hawaii EcoTube

We are seeking your input to compile content for Hawaii EcoTube. Please email us your submissions at Submissions can be in the form of photos, or a link to an online photo album, or a link to a YouTube video you have posted. You can also use online uploader services such as YouSendIt to send us larger photo and video files. Please also include a description of your images or video, which may include: location, date, time, and identification of parties involved.

Please be advised that we only intend to publish descriptive information that is objective and factual, and serves as an unbiased documentation of the occurrence. We have created Hawaii EcoTube as a place where questions and concerns about sustainable practices can be raised and discussed, in a mutually respectful setting. Please be aware of the difference between observation, inference, and factual statements that can be objectively documented through photo, video and audio. This site is not attempting to serve as a forum for opinions, inferences, personal attacks and the like. In addition, this site does not seek nor condone altered images or video, and will not publish any such submissions, or those that are questionable in nature.

Please note that the Hawaii EcoTube team will review submissions to confirm that they meet the site’s guidelines stated above prior to posting. We would also like to draw a distinction between what will be posted as an initial entry and the comments linked to those posts. The comments section was created to serve as a means of promoting dialog among all parties on any given issue; this component is more open to individuals’ opinions, perceptions and emotional response, whereas an initial post should be based on objective documentation. Any referenced data presented within the post should cite the primary source where the information was obtained. Preferred submissions will be of a photo or video format, with text to explain what is shown.

For more fun legal stuff, please read this post.

Thank you for contributing to Hawaii EcoTube!

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