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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clearing the Way For More Reef Damage?

This photo was sent in by concerned citizen.  The photo was taken in Kihei from the highway looking makai, west of E. Waipuilani Rd. The question they have asked is Who & Why is someone removing all the vegetation from this efemeral stream as we enter rainy season?  Won't this allow all the the freshly exposed dirt to pour directly into the ocean unstopped?  We would all love to hear the reasoning from anyone in the know.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is This Illegal...or Just Morally Illegal? Dead Baby Sharks Being Sold as Tourist Mementos...

This item was photographed at the Kihei "Triangle" Shops.  There were 5 others with it - Let us know your thoughts on this folks!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Folks are Saying: Roi Edition

We have posted a new playlist on our YouTube channel... "What Folks are Saying."

We have several clips posted from Darrell Tanaka's presentation, "A Fisherman's Perspective," which he gave at the volunteer meeting of the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary on June 9th, 2011.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Akule Fishing Damages Reef in West Hawaii

Last week, an attempt to net a school of akule (bigeye scad) off Keauhou in West Hawaii resulted in damage to the reef, as was reported in the West Hawaii Today newspaper.  Several community members were there to get photos and document the incident, which is currently under investigation.

This is an opportunity to highlight Hawaii's Fishing Regulations, particularly HAR 13-95 "Coral and Live Rocks:"

Stony coral
Unlawful to take, break or damage, with any implement, any stony coral from the waters of the State, including any reef or mushroom coral.
Unlawful to sell or offer for sale any stony coral.
HAR 13-95

This incident also demonstrates the value of community participation in the monitoring, reporting and enforcement process.

Here are a few additional photos of the incident courtesy of photographer Bo Pardau:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Honu in Need of Assistance in Ahihi Kinau Area

This photo was taken Sunday.  Notice the fishing line wrapped around the front flipper and mouth.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Cigarette Butt Litterbugs!

In a recent post, Hawaii EcoTube featured the Statewide Litter Hotline (888-592-2522) and posted a photo of a vehicle whose driver was seen tossing a smoldering cigarette out the window. As a result of Hawaii EcoTube and facebook sharing, many people are now aware of this hotline, and a new facebook group, Hawaii Litterbug Hall of Shame, was created. The facebook page encourages users to upload their own photos of littering in action.

Here are the latest user-submitted photos of vehicles whose drivers were seen throwing cigarette butts out their windows... the first three were all submitted by a Maui resident, who took the photos and reported them to the hotline all within an hour and a half time span today!

Cigarette Butt Bust #1: 
Date & Time: 5/6/10 at 12:00 noon.
Location: Kahului Maui. Ka'ahumanu Ave; car seen pulling into driveway at 752 Kea St.
Vehicle Description: White Toyota Camry, license plate MCS 632

Cigarette Butt Bust #2: 
Date & Time: 5/6/10 at 12:05 pm. 
Location: Kahului Maui. Vehicle pulled into shell gas station at Puunene and Kamehameha and threw cigarette out the window in the parking lot.
Vehicle Description: Green Ford Explorer, license plate MPM 744.

Cigarette Butt Bust #3: 
Date & Time: 5/6/10 at 1:23 pm. 
Location: Central Maui. South end of Mokulele Hwy 1/2 mile before N. Kihei rd.
Vehicle Description: Gray Ford F150 4-door, license plate MPF 133.

 Cigarette Butt Bust #4: 
Date & Time: 4/28/10 at 4:30 pm.
Location: Kona, Hawaii Island. Vehicle driving north on Alii Drive, by Lunapule Rd in Kona.
Vehicle Description: Dark green Chrysler Aspen, license plate HKS 528

Cigarette Butt Bust #5: 
Date & Time: 4/14/10 at 7:15 am.
Location: Kihei, Maui. Vehicle heading south on South Kihei Road, by Kamaole II Beach Park
Vehicle Description: Dark Green Toyota 4Runner; license plate MSY 740

Remember to call in your sightings to the Litter Hotline, and if you can get a photo, send them to us at Hawaii EcoTube, and feel free to post them to the Facebook page as well!