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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The end of Shark Fin Soup at Kirin - Waikaloa Village, Hawaii Island!!!

This letter was posted this morning to Our Facebook Fan Page. It appears we have a victory in the No Shark Fin Soup front. The posted letter seems to indicate (from the manager) that Hilton's Waikaloa Village restaurant - Kirin is removing the item from their menu!!!! Congratulations and thanks to all that sent in their letters - this is all about you!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tracking the No Shark Fin Progress on Hawai'i Island

Check out what your concern is starting!!! Keep It up!

The Initial Letter -
I read your good letter on "sustainability". But did you
realize your Hilton Waikoloa Village [Hawaii]has shark fin
as a food item on its menu? Cutting fins off and dumping
live sharks is horrible and is depleting our oceans of these
vital predators. This menu info is going out world-wide on
the internet and will turn people off Hilton Hotels. Please
tell me you are ending it! thank you!.

The Response -
Thank you for contacting the Hilton Internet Contact
Center. It is my pleasure to assist you today with your
We are terribly sorry for what you saw on the internet
regarding shark fins served at the Waikoloa
Village and have taken the liberty of forwarding your
email to the Guest Relations department at the Hilton
Corporate office for further review and follow up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's the facebook buzz on shark fin soup in Hawaii?

The recent post on shark fin soup sightings generated a lot of buzz in the local community, here on our main site, and definitely on facebook. Here are some screenshots (click on the images to open larger version in a new window):

from CORAL's Fan Page:

from the Friend Page (we are phasing this one out...become a fan instead):
and finally from Hawaii EcoTube's Fan Page:Add ImageFeel free to send in your own facebook screenshots of any Hawaii EcoTube-related dialog! Email us at
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Helping You Help Us!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the positive support so far, especially on facebook! We'd like to start a dialog about how we can make this site more user-friendly, and promote interactive dialogs here. We have adjusted the Blogger comment settings to hopefully make it easier to post your thoughts and responses. Now if you could let us know if this is effective, or if you have any other suggestions, please let us know by clicking on the "comment" section below this post.
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Hawaii EcoTube accepting June EcoHero nominations through the end of this week!

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We'd like to congratulate last month's winner, Robin Bond, Jr, who received the most votes!

We would like to applaud his efforts and will be sending in a letter of Thanks via local newspapers, and we encourage others to think outside the box as Robin has done to seek solutions to that which concerns us!

Stay tuned for another exciting announcement from Hawaii EcoTube!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Nominations - Kihei Charter School's Honu Heroes

The Honu Heroes are students from the Kihei Charter School, Middle School STEM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering/Environment, Math). While being led by their teacher, Peg Temple, and others, to increase their research opportunities, they became engrossed with helping honu (green sea turtles). Their goal is to work together to help clean our environment and improve the health of the turtles.
Check out the link below for more info - -

Kihei Charter School's Honu Heros

June EcoHero Nominations are coming in!

I wish to nominate Liz Foote. This wonderful person works tirelessly to save Hawaii's reefs and their inhabitants. I simply cannot think anyone who is more deserving.
Katie Grove-Velasquez

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shark Fin Soup on Maui? Really?

Letter to the Editor (Maui News) posted by one of our followers.

Island restaurants play role in the destruction of sharks by Katie Grove-Velasquez

from the facebook buzz, here's a list of other restaurants in Hawai'i that readers reported have shark fin soup on the menu:
Dragon Dragon, Kahului Maui
China Boat, Kahana Maui