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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June EcoHero Nominations are coming in!

I wish to nominate Liz Foote. This wonderful person works tirelessly to save Hawaii's reefs and their inhabitants. I simply cannot think anyone who is more deserving.
Katie Grove-Velasquez


fishonareef said...

I enthusiasically second that nomination!

footesea said...

Thanks Katie, I totally appreciate it and am super-flattered! ...but I think I may qualify as Hawaii EcoTube's "friends & family" in this endeavor?... I am hereby nominating YOU, for helping to kick off the shark fin soup internet response through Hawaii EcoTube with your Letter to the Editor!!

EcoTube Team said...

I 100% second that nomination. You should be proud Katie! You really got the ball rolling on this one!
John Mitchell