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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is This Illegal...or Just Morally Illegal? Dead Baby Sharks Being Sold as Tourist Mementos...

This item was photographed at the Kihei "Triangle" Shops.  There were 5 others with it - Let us know your thoughts on this folks!


Anonymous said...

It is probably legal unless that specie is endangered. It is certainly a waste, and therefor immoral. I am not sure how self-aware/sentient sharks are, so I can't make any judgements based on that. The entertainment industry as painted them as blood-thirsty killers, so I can't make a judgement based on popular opinion. Most people would consider them pests if not downright evil. They do have their place in the ecology and they are being killed to well below their normal numbers. for that reason alone I would consider these bottled sharks as immoral.

Tom of the sweetwater sea

WhySharksMatter said...

It's not at all illegal.