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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Honu in Need of Assistance in Ahihi Kinau Area

This photo was taken Sunday.  Notice the fishing line wrapped around the front flipper and mouth.


Anonymous said...

Sad. Was anyone able to remove it? I have seen a turtle with figure 8 wraps around it's flipper and neck. Every time the turtle moved it's flipper, the line tightened on the neck. After seeing that, I have since, made it my business to go back to those turtles with a clipper to cut the line. So far we have only freed up 2, but boy did it feel good. :)

Honu Lover said...

An attempt was made to cut the fishing lines before she swam away. The line has wrapped and cut into soft tissue. If the professional responders find her, the assessment may be to fly her to Oahu to save her Left flipper.