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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something New Is Coming Soon!

‘A’ole I Pau Ka ‘Ike I Halau Ho’okahi
Knowledge Is Not Found In Only One School

Introducing Hawaii Ecotube’s new forum
There are many sides to any given issue, and with this in mind we will be launching the

‘A’ole I Pau Ka ‘Ike I Halau Ho’okahi forum section
In Two Weeks!
It is simple really…
1. Although the folks at Hawaii Ecotube have opinions - we are not here to choose sides - only offer a place for these interactions to take place - a mutually neutral arena.
2. No Bashing - State your case, offer your data, offer your facts - THATS IT!
3. Make no attempt to pander your company, organization, etc. Hawaii Ecotube reserves the right to omit this information from your text prior to publishing.
4. If someone wishes to contact an individual personally - they shall contact Hawaii Ecotube and we will get authorization from said person to contact them via email only.

1 comment:

Jonica said...

Absolutely fantastic idea!!! Wow! I'm impressed. Nice going and good mana.