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Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Response.

It has come to my attention that Hawai’i Ecotube’s decision to temporarily pull a post on aquarium collection has spurred some criticism, and I would like the opportunity to explain the rationale behind this action. The decision was based on the realization that the post had ceased to follow our own policies and the site’s mission statement. 
Let me first say that personally I DO have opinions about the Aquarium Trade and its regulation, but the website I helped to create does not allow me to post them there - I have chosen to go about it the democratic way - place my name on lists, testify in panels, etc. in hopes that what I want to see happen does.
It is unfortunate that we at Hawaii Ecotube are being accused of hiding the truth, for as we see it "truth" is not necessarily the opinion of one person, but rather the collective agreement of all parties involved.  History has shown us that "truth" as dictated by one person rarely turns out good for the rest of us (feel free to contact us for a couple of historical examples).
Hawaii Ecotube was set up to create awareness and allow all parties involved to have a place for dialog with the hopes that issues could be hashed out in a way that OUR resources will be around for future generations.  
Our Mission Statement:
"Your opportunity to highlight and learn about both positive and negative environmental issues concerning those of us who love Hawaii. The purpose of this site and its associated YouTube Channel is to accumulate photographic and video documentation of short- and long-term instances of natural resources impacts. The intent is to raise awareness through objective documentation of these impacts and occurrences, initiate an honest dialog, and provide a forum for progressive improvements as well as showcase current and ongoing sustainable practices."
The post was actually originally edited to fulfill the Rules on Comments listed on the website. Recent correspondence pointed out that subsequent comments were not in line with our own policy, prompting us to pull the post. We at Hawaii Ecotube have decided that after this (in our opinion) blatant attack on our integrity the post will remain pulled until other members of the community wish to continue with a dialog on this topic in accordance with the rules we have outlined for the site and not perpetuate a blatant witch hunt (in our opinion) by one person.  Thanks to the internet, that can be done on one's own website.
Thank you,
John Mitchell
Hawaii Ecotube

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