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Monday, August 31, 2009

Restaurants that readers have reported - serving Shark Fin Soup on Maui!

Visit the Links section to start a petition to STOP this from continuing on Maui!

China Boat in Kahana
Check out item #26.

Dragon Dragon - Maui Mall, Kahului
What are your thoughts readers?

Update: Here is contact info for China Boat, provided by a facebook fan

China Boat:
Angela Tay
3846 Lower Honoapiilani Rd
Lahaina, HI 96761
Click here to send an email to


reefannie said...

It is really terrible that such a restaurant, which many locals trust and eat at frequently, would do such a thing to violate trust. Local families often do not know that Hawaii's restaurants would do such a thing as support the unsustainable fishing practice of finning sharks and dumping the bodies back, still alive, to drown or bleed to death. Shame, shame on you Dragon Dragon. I will not eat in your establishment and will definitely spread the word to as many people as possible. Locals and visitors will hear about this atrocity!

Liz said...

To follow up with some contact info:

Dragon Dragon - (incidentally just voted best Chinese Restaurant on Maui, Maui Time Weekly): 808-893-1628

China Boat - in Kahana: 808-669-5089

Can someone track down an email for the management of these places?

EcoTube Team said...

Katie gave us permission to post her Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor and good people of Maui,

Reading that Dragon Dragon was voted to be on the list of Best of Maui Food and Drink 2008 leaves me feeling very puzzled. Why would a restaurant that
sells shark fin soup be included in this list? Shark finning is a very cruel industry that catches sharks, usually with long lines, slicing off all fins and bodies are returned to the ocean for the sharks to either bleed to death or drown. Most researchers agree that shark meat is so high in mercury that it is unsafe to consume, but to sell the soup makes a loud statement: "we support this harmful and cruel fishing industry".

Sharks globally are in deep trouble. The research shows that the number of 100 million sharks annually slaughtered is now incorrect. We are told it is now about 28 - 30 million. Why? Because quite simply, there are now many less sharks out there to be killed. What about sharks in Hawaii? It is illegal to fin sharks in Hawaiian waters, but it is not illegal to kill them. Finned sharks have been seen in Maui waters. Why place this restaurant on this list? Sure, they might have great stir fry, lemon chicken, and garlic spinach, but any restaurant that supports a fishing industry that will eventually cripple our oceans and bring about what is predicted to be a catastrophic collapse will not get my support, nor that of my friends and family. Surely there are other restaurants that believe in 'sustainable fishing' and cook accordingly. I happen to know a few.

Katie Grove-Velasquez
Kihei, Maui

EcoTube Team said...

This just in from Higgs B.
Why not go on a campaign? Contact places like and all the other tourist spots. Get the dive shops behind you. Then make a page (Hall of shame?) that condemns the owners of the places that sell shark parts or kill sharks for sport (Although I do know that Kamehameha 1 used people he didnt like for shark bait)
Get greenpeace and ocean shepard to help you. This is a very doable grass roots effort that can have a diff not only in our lifetime but into forever.

I saw my first shark close up on a dive to Galapagos. It was awesome. I was hooked.

Want to help where I can.

Higgs B.

Aaron said...

I once saw a documentary on sharks being fished for their fins. Very sad to see! To leave a top predatory animal to drown is a disgrace! Boycott all restaurants that sell Shark Fin Soup !!!!