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Thursday, May 28, 2009

SeaHawaii Fish Feeding Tour

from YouTube: "SeaHawaii dolphin tour includes feeding Hawaii's tropical fish in the open blue ocean."


Grasshopper said...

That is the least of what they do. I have seen them chase down a pod of dolphins more than once and disregarding dive flags and divers at the same time. Also you can see them at Makaha at about 9 am everyday dropping snorklers on top of a turtle cleaning station and then harassing the turtles.

Anonymous said...

check out the pictures on their website @ with the models right next to a monk seal on the beach (blatant disregard of guidelines), or the sole comment on their website @ where the commenter writes about swimming in unsafe shark waters, and scaring dolphin pods away by the customers in-water swimming behaviors -and SeaHawaii posted this comment as a GOOD thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS I agree full on with what grasshopper has written above, as a resident of Waianae, this operation is a disgrace and slap in the face.