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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it true?

Check out this link, a Letter to the Editor from Maui News: "Is state park releasing waste into Iao Stream?"

Anyone have time and interest to go check this out and document it?

Update 5/22: Katie Velasquez went to check out the situation but couldn't find anything to document,
and Robin Knox followed up with Maui's Department of Health representative.... Here is his response:

"I checked with the Wastewater engineer and he found that Kepaniwai Park has a septic system. The County upgraded the wastewater system from the old cesspool. The Iao State Park is still using a cesspool for wastewater disposal. The Wastewater Branch of the Dept. Of Health has approved plans to upgrade the existing system to a septic system. The plans were approved in 2005, but the change has not yet been implemented.
Hope this helps."

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